How Effective Is CBD Products?

When looking for a good massage oil to use on your skin, one might look for something with the added bonus of being water soluble. This would seem to be an odd combination, but it isn't. Let's look at how this kind of oil works.

In its most basic form, the CBD is a plant compound that comes from hemp plants. Since it is water soluble, when CBD is absorbed with fatty acids and long or medium chain triglycerides, it greatly amplifies its absorption rate. Therefore, MCT (long chain fatty acid) oil is often added to many massage oils: but the increased search for increased absorption has led to another solution. What about nano-emulsified CBD? If you are paying attention, you have probably already seen it advertised on a number of websites that deal with alternative medicines. So what is it?

First, let's explain why CBD is a water-soluble compound. The reason that it is so soluble is due to the molecular density of the hemp plant. Hemp plants are very dense, relative to other plants, and this fact leads to a unique property -- the CBD molecules are far smaller than the molecules of fatty acids they contain. Therefore, because they are so small, the CBD molecules are much easier to penetrate into the skin, fat, or muscle tissue. This bioavailability advantage is one of the reasons why MCTs are better known as short-term muscle relaxants -- they are quickly absorbed and do not cause unwanted side effects such as headaches and nausea. The Pure Craft firm offers these CBD products at an affordable coat, check it out now.

However, there is a trade-off. As we noted above, CBD is much higher in concentration in hemp than in other plants, making it more difficult to absorb. Also, CBD tends to be a rather brittle substance, which make it more difficult to emulsify as a liquid, and this problem tends to make water-soluble products with CBD a less desirable choice for athletes and those with high absorption rates. But this is where products with partially hydrated CBD come into play.

A hydrated CBD emulsion provides the carrier for the CBD, without compromising the emulsification process. Generally,  this amazing product will include up to 20% less CBD than non-water-soluble CBD products, but it will still provide effective delivery of the active ingredient without affecting the bioavailability rate. It will still carry all the same health benefits of the CBD, such as reduced blood flow in the veins, reduced anxiety, and increase in brain activity. In other words, hydrated CBD supplements are safe and effective, but provide twice the amount of health benefits. This is why the dietary supplement Maqui Blueberry is so popular for reducing anxiety and improving mood - because it contains up to 30% CBD water soluble.

In addition to CBD water soluble extracts, companies are now working on CBD oil and CBD capsules. Again, the primary difference between these products is their delivery system. With CBD oil, you would take a drop or two, be absorbed through the lips, and then be carried around the body as a fine, greasy film. With CBD capsules, a dropper goes inside each capsule, which absorbs slowly through your cheeks, and then goes out of your mouth without your swallowing the entire thing. The major advantage of these two delivery systems is that they increase your bioavailability but also increases the risk of allergic reaction. Both systems are still under clinical trials, but the companies are eager to demonstrate that they work well and are harmless. Read more content related to this article here:

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